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DYING - Feature Conversation: J.Todd Billings

May 25, 2021

On this episode of the podcast, we talk with J. Todd Billings, a theologian and author, about his book The End of the Christian Life (Brazos, 2020). Our theme question: what does it mean to embrace our mortality? Among the topics we discuss:

  • On being immersed in the cancer community after a terminal cancer diagnosis
  • How Western culture works to obscure the reality of our mortality 
  • How we can live in the tension between our smallness and the grand calling to make/change culture
  • On what a "good funeral" looks like and what the Christian hope actually is 
  • How the Covid pandemic has brought our mortality (and denial) into sharper relief.

If you'd like to read more you can check out our review of the book (written by my guest co-host, Todd Zuidema) here: 

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