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2. MAKING - Feature Conversation: Makoto Fujimura

March 17, 2021

On this episode of the podcast, we have a feature conversation with acclaimed artist Makoto Fujimura about his new book, Art + Faith, and what he calls the "theology of making." Topics we discuss:

  • The connections between creating art and the beauty of the gospel
  • Why children seem to know how important creativity is, and what has gone wrong for the rest of us
  • Why a liberal arts education matters more, not less, in an increasingly technological world
  • Ordinary creativity for those who are not artists
  • How we can cleanse our cultural imagination and move forward in a polarized world. 

During the two weeks after this episode is released, we are giving away five copies of Mako's new book, Art + Faith. To enter that giveaway, follow this link:

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